If there was ever any advice
I could give you
if I was the advising type
or even
someone significant enough
to listen to
I would tell you
and read
and think some more
and do it all
over and over again
until you see
all the manners in which people can function
in this world
and then
become something different
from each of them.
You’ll figure out
on your own
all the ways
a person can be —
There’ll be ones
that will watch and want to possess you
without ever coming
to mutually understand you
only perceive
the benefits you bring
to a narcissist ego;
there’ll be ones
that will plain outright ignore you
because there’s nothing they can gain
from being around you
and there’ll be ones
you’ll wanna get too close to
because you’ll think
that’s friendship or
that’s love and
that’s just what normal people do
and maybe you’ll really love them
maybe you won’t
all of them
will break your spirit
some way
but you can seperate
at any time
and search
to find the minds
that think like you do
and it’ll be difficult
because they are so few
and far between
you may as well be
the only one at all
but damn…
when you set out to meet them
and finally find the same road
that rises up to greet them
time spent in their company
is fucking tonic
to the sepsis that grows
in your soul.
They will be
so hungry for the same things
so alive
so perceptive
so sentient a soulful being
if nothing else does it for you
at least they
in the end
they alone
will be worth the struggle it took
to become
so self-aware…
as I said
are so few and far between
if you never come to uncover them
or hell
keep next to them
at all
my friend
know this bit of wisdom
there’s nothing so very wrong
with learning to be comfortable
and complete

Find out who you are
who you’ve become
and who you’ve been
to others
as well.

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