I’m cresting over angry waves
like a cowboy roping a current
carried away in the commotion
of a stampeding ocean
pouring out mental poverty
comes the explosion
from the release of the built-up pressure
of a hungry predator
I’ve been hopelessly stowing.
Now it’s controlling me
crashing down heavy
all fours on a foreign shoreline
I recognize
where no footprints have imprinted
save for ones
that fit like mine
and I’m down
licking the indention
in salty sand
with a cotton-mouth core
that’s instinctively craving
messy molestation.
Now I’m raging
soaking in spit
and drinking in
his sharp sweat
’til it burns the holes chewed in my cheeks
sourced from years of bit-and-bridling
I’m so hungry
I want to swallow the world
and spit out empires of passion
for the connection
that deserves to have planets fall at his feet.
I’ll take you here
because you smell like a home
hardly inhibited
and affected by the wait
and I’m the lone wanderer that longs
to renovate your walls
with my mouth
and all my words
until you
in return
take me
and make me
one more virtuous soul
on a golden thread
hanging from your neck.
Even if
I didn’t quite reach your heart
I felt it beat.
And it’s enough to know
when you let me go
the momentary salvation
will kill
this beast
so at least
in the end
it’s release
because the softness I saw in you
was a projection of my own
and neither one existed
I’m always nothing
but for a minute
I was a part in something
indescribably powerful
and incredibly beautiful.
If it was wrong?
Fuck it.
It still felt good to belong
in a moment as wild
and reckless
as you.

(so thanks.)

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